Dopamine and Minimalism

The mesolimbic dopamine system is old from an evolutionary point of view, and no doubt has played an important role in the survival of our species. Our brains were rewarded for choosing life-sustaining behaviors, which helped the species thrive. You get hungry and eat food? Here’s a boost of dopamine. You play nice with the other members of your tribe so together you survive against mother nature?  More dopamine. You have sex to create offspring? ALL.THE.DOPAMINE.

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Monthly Challenge May – Mindfulness Meditation

Yay alliteration! Deciding to do a meditation challenge this month was a no-brainer. Having recently finished a particularly stressful week at work which concluded in a very busy string of nights over the weekend, I’m acutely aware that my coping skills are lacking. I’ve had other outlets in my life – running and music (I …

Frugal Month – Week 4 recap

What did we spend this week? Day 22 – $8.50 (camera lens cover) + $115.73 (grocery) + $26.21 (household supplies) Day 23 – $308.22 (prepay for Disney in fall) Day 24 – $80.47 (utilities – gas) + $110.39 (insurance) Day 25 – $20.66 (grocery) Day 26 – $34.54 (alcohol) + $15.00 (babysitting) Day 27 – …