A weight has been lifted

Look at that photo. That is a beautiful bar…in the basement of our home in Lenexa. Before that, it was in our garage…in Salina…

…before that, it was in our basement…in Kansas City. Before that, it was in someone else’s garage…in Olathe.

When I bought it off Craigslist back in 2011, I couldn’t understand why the guy who was selling it to me was willing to let it go for so little. I thought I was getting a great deal when I paid the $400 asking price. I didn’t even try to haggle. I really didn’t know how Craigslist works.

It is a beautiful piece of furniture. I liked having it in our home. When I happened to see it on the rare occasion that I ventured down into the basement, I would always smile a little bit. But that thing weighs at least 300 pounds. And I moved it 3 times. I took the top off of it more than I put things on the top of it.

The bar never even made into our house in Salina, and when it became clear that we were going to be moving back to KC in less than a year, I went out to the garage, took the packing blankets off, reattached the countertop, snapped the photo and put it Craigslist: $425…it is a really good looking bar, dammit…It didn’t sell.

Two old men with bad backs loaded it into the moving van with a lot of swearing. Two young guys with shoulder straps carried it off and stuffed it into our basement without a peep.

When 2018 rolled around, I listed it on Craigslist again at $400, and this time, I included a picture of the back.

It still didn’t sell.

I listed it again in February: $350, and this time I included measurements, and my phone number for text messages. I got a lot of interesting messages. There were a lot of obvious phishing scams (seriously, people, listen to the advice on Craigslist, don’t send a stranger your email address), and a lot of really baffling declarations. “Hold it for me. I’ll be there later today.”–never heard from them again.

Finally, though, I got an offer. “Will you take $300?”

(pause, wait 30 seconds) “I can do $325.”


Starting to sort of figure out Craigslist.

I had to take the top off one more time…and the footrest…and we had to deadlift it up a flight of stairs. But now, it is in some guy’s truck on its way to Wichita, and even though it involved lifting the equivalent of half-a-ton, my life suddenly feels lighter.

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