Attack of the sock monster!

Have you seen those lost sock holders on Etsy, that are a piece of wood with some clothespins at the bottom and say something cute such as “single, seeking mate” or “free dobby?” I want to meet the people who only have around 5 or 6 unmatched socks at a time, which is the max number of clothespins those cute signs contain.

Look at our accumulation, from less than a year of living in this house. Impressive, right? I honestly can’t understand how this is possible.

I’ve scoured the house and both cars looking for any lurkers, with no luck. Seriously, where do they go? This pile is taking up the better part of our dresser, and I’m tired of staring at them every day. Channeling Elsa, to let it go. Filing this one under minimalism, because, why not?

Sneaky little bugger.

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