You Pass Butter

In Susan’s first post, she included a list of priorities. My biggest contribution to that list was the last item, “enrich the world.” It took me almost three months to come up with that. It started back at the beginning of November when I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts. In episode 348

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A weight has been lifted

Look at that photo. That is a beautiful bar…in the basement of our home in Lenexa. Before that, it was in our garage…in Salina… …before that, it was in our basement…in Kansas City. Before that, it was in someone else’s garage…in Olathe. When I bought it off Craigslist back in 2011, I couldn’t understand why

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What is my purpose?

I’m not sure I believe in a “bigger” purpose in life. If I take out a telescope to look at the stars I am filled with amazement at how awesome the universe is, but also overcome with a sense of how small and insignificant I am. Because I believe this is the only life we’re given,

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