Category: Minimalism

The Clothes Purge!

I have way too many clothes…the aftermath of multiple pregnancies/babies and constantly shifting body type coupled with an addiction of sorts. I have fond memories of regularly going clothes-shopping with my mom as a child, and I suspect this hardwired a dopamine-type reward system in my brain that I still constantly seek out. My mom

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Dopamine and Minimalism

The mesolimbic dopamine system is old from an evolutionary point of view, and no doubt has played an important role in the survival of our species. Our brains were rewarded for choosing life-sustaining behaviors, which helped the species thrive. You get hungry and eat food? Here’s a boost of dopamine. You play nice with the

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Attack of the sock monster!

Have you seen those lost sock holders on Etsy, that are a piece of wood with some clothespins at the bottom and say something cute such as “single, seeking mate” or “free dobby?” I want to meet the people who only have around 5 or 6 unmatched socks at a time, which is the max

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