This IS the tango. This is NOT Mr. and Mrs. BPR doing the tango.

Daily Finances: Day 2

This IS the tango. This is NOT Mr. and Mrs. BPR doing the tango.

Today was better than day one. We spent less, and I actually knew that we spent it.

We spent $20 today in cold, hard cash. Normally, we put everything that we can on a credit card, but in this case, that wasn’t really an option, and frankly, I prefer it that way. You see, we paid our next door neighbor for babysitting our three little Butter Passing Robots for two hours while we attended dance lessons at the local Arthur Murray dance studio.

I’ll take that deal any day.

Overall, those dance lessons are one of our biggest expenses for the year, but I don’t struggle to justify them. I can’t think of anything more valuable than having a reason and making the time  to connect with your partner–to really be a partner with the woman you love–even if only for a few hours a week.

EDIT (4/7/2018): Upon doing my weekly finance review, I discovered that a recurring charge had hit one of our credit cards on April 2nd. We spent $108.78 for electricity last month which I know is not kickass, but our family of five is in the house all the time and everyone has their own computer which is on pretty much full-time. The only big waste I’m aware of is the TV being left on over night when I go to bed before Mrs. Butter Passing Robot. I’ll eventually need to tackle this item once I’ve picked some other low-hanging fruit.

One other thing to note is that once I discovered the charge going to an old card, I updated it to move to the card on which we are currently trying to accumulate points: the advantages of tracking.

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