Frugal Kansas City Staycation – Cave Springs

We were fortunate to have warm temperatures and a bit of sunshine today, which meant lots of outdoor time. We spent the morning on a trail next to our gym, and after lunch decided to check out a new spot. Since we had other plans taking us toward the eastern part of KC, we swung by Cave Springs on the way home. Admission is free. There are some short walking trails, but we followed the signs and headed straight for the cave, passing an old stone chimney along the way.

I had no expectations going into this, which is good, because the cave itself was very small. We took a trip last year to NW Arkansas and stopped at Cosmic Cavern, which was amazing. In fact, I’d like to ditch the kids and return to do a wild cave tour (or I guess wait until the kids are older…). Cave Springs is very small by comparison – a few seconds on the inside and you’ve seen pretty much all there is to see.

Fortunately there was a playground above the cave, which also included lots of picnic tables. This kept the kids occupied for maybe 15-20 minutes.

Monkey see, monkey do….or at least monkey attempts before giving up and crying in frustration.

There are also some short walking trails, which we didn’t attempt. I’m not sure the kids have forgiven us from our map reading fail yesterday, so we instead played it safe and stuck with the areas near the parking lot.

Historically, the site is pretty neat – it’s a junction of the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails. As a family activity it left a bit to be desired. I don’t envision us returning anytime soon. Mr. BPR and I each gave it 0 thumbs up, Holden gave it 1, Greta 2 (surprisingly – I suppose there was a good climbing:hiking ratio), and Ford…a wild guess but we’ll say 1.

Official family vote: 4/10 thumbs up

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