Frugal Kansas City Staycation – Deanna Rose Farmstead

We took advantage of a warm sunny day, and again went outdoors. I’d heard about Deanna Rose Farmstead from friends and coworkers, but had never actually taken the kids before – today was a perfect opportunity! Admission is free from 2-5 pm Monday-Thursday, and otherwise reasonably priced at $2 per person. Certain attractions such as pony rides cost extra.

There are plenty of fun areas to explore the minute you enter – pretty sure this guy would have been content playing with the train all day.

There were also plenty of whimsical displays (like the below hay bale cow) as well as vintage tractors and other farm equipment, although sadly for our kids they were mostly roped off with plenty of signage saying “display only” and “no climbing.” Fortunately there were multiple playgrounds for them to burn off energy.

If you need a rest, there’s no shortage of benches and rockers – not a lot of shade today, as the trees are still mostly bare. After a dreary cloud-covered winter, we’ll gladly take the sunshine.

Everyone loved the animals, and there was certainly no shortage – adorable baby cows and pigs in the barn, funny angora goats hanging outside, and these silly looking geese next to one of the playgrounds.

Our kids lasted about 1.5 hours before the inevitable tears. Greta accidentally got kicked in the face while on the playground, and couldn’t muster the energy at that point to rally, so we cut loose. Holden gave it an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up, Ford seemed in his element so we’ll say 2 thumbs up from him, while Greta wanted to give it 2 thumbs up but declared through sniffles that she was subtracting one for the bloody lip. Mr. and Mrs. BPR each gave it 1 thumb – we’re glad the kids loved it and it certainly makes us happy to see them enjoying themselves, but it’s definitely a kid zone without much for the adults. We were more partial to the Overland Park Arboretum we visited earlier in the week.

Official family vote: 7/10 thumbs up

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