Frugal Kansas City Staycation – Science City

We LOVE Science City.  Seriously love this place – enough that we splurged on a season pass, which more than pays for itself over the course of the year and means we don’t feel like we need to stay a long time during any one visit to “get our money’s worth,” particularly important in the event one of the kids start melting down. We’ve already been a few times over the past year, and while some features are still around they are constantly adding new things and tweaking existing exhibits.

The helicopter is a favorite feature which has been around awhile…

While the electricity-producing hamster wheel is a newer addition, and obviously a popular one today given the line of kids on an otherwise uncrowded visit.

Ford loved playing train engineer – I have a photo of his big brother at the same age sitting in that seat. The love of trains must be genetic…or maybe just a feature of being 2 years old.

We decided to go to Science City today because rain was forecasted, and indeed there was thunder and a bit of rain late in the morning, but it was all sunshine while we were there. Yay for bonus outdoor time, as each kid braved climbing the giant thingamajig that looks like stacked pringles.

By far the favorite part today was the interactive water table – each of our kids enjoyed this, though I’d say our youngest loved it the most. He was thoroughly soaked by the time we left, but didn’t seem phased in the least.

Our total cost today was $5 for parking, though the annual pass is obviously a decent chunk of change. Well worth it, and I suspect we’ll have a membership for years to come as this place really encompasses a wide range of ages. We’ll be back (read in your best Arnold  Schwarzenegger voice).

Mr and Mrs. BPR each gave it 2 thumbs up (yay science!). Holden, Greta, and Ford also each gave it a very enthusiastic 2 thumbs up.

Official family rating: 10/10 thumbs up


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