Frugal Month – week 2 recap

We’re halfway there!

Day 8 – $271.81 (Chuck E Cheese) + $1.30 (extra can of frosting for cupcakes)

Day 9 – $31.25 (gas) + $6.20 (grocery) + 13.99 (Netflix)

Day 10 – $79.10 (Costco)

Day 11 – $8.39 (grocery)

Day 12 – $24.43 (grocery)

Day 13 – $50 (monthly internet) + $5 (parking fee)

Day 14 – $60 (babysitting)

Week 2 total = 551.47

Current month total = $426.58 (week 1) + 551.47 (week 2) = 978.05

Since I was on vacation, our added challenge was to try and find cheap family friendly activities. The week started with snow, and our oldest celebrating his 8th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. We normally don’t do big birthday celebrations, however he has been really into animatronics lately (so random, I know) and we remembered the Showbiz Pizza/Chuck E Cheese of our childhood being  full of those cool creepy things. Well, unfortunately the animatronics days are long gone, which we didn’t realize until after we reserved the party space. They’ve substituted creepy animatronics with creepy person in a mouse suit. It was still a fun day – he got to eat pizza and play games with his friends, declaring it the “best day of his life.” As a parent, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Monday brought more cold weather, so we focused on indoor activities including the Money Museum. While the museum was free, we did burn through some gas to get there.

Spring finally arrived later in the week, which gave us a chance to explore more outdoor activities such as the Overland Park Arboretum (a new family favorite), Cave Springs, and Deanna Rose Farmstead. We finished the staycation with Science City.

By Saturday I think the kids were over us dragging them all over the city, and wanted to stay home. One of our friends had an extra pair of tickets to the Kauffman, so we were treated to a delicious dinner at their house followed by an evening of dance – the show was interesting as they combined the music of both Johnny Cash and Moby with modern ballet. Added bonus that, minus the babysitting, it was a free evening for us. We even snagged free parking downtown!

Where did we save money this week?

My days off are normally when I try to schedule things like a haircut, and now that the weather should (theoretically) be getting warmer this is also the time of year I start getting regular manicures/pedicures. I opted to skip the haircut – I’ve been thinking about growing my hair out anyway. I also skipped the mani/pedi and painted my own toenails using polish I already had. My previous salon haircut was around $50 including tip – in the future I plan to try out a cheaper option like Great Clips. A mani/pedi at the place near my house costs $55.

I cleaned my own house. (I also purged an impressive collection of lonely socks – lots of house elves freed). We’ve had a maid for YEARS, and while I considered this a “must” while we were both working full-time(+) and in the middle of baby chaos, it is no longer a necessity. We had an amazing woman several years ago who charged $90 every 2 weeks and cleaned the entire house, picking up kid clutter and making everything spotless. Did I mention she was amazing? It truly brought me joy to come home on the days she had cleaned. When we moved back to KC last year she was unfortunately no longer doing house cleaning, so we instead found a company that came highly recommended. They charge $75 every 2 weeks to clean only the kitchen and bathrooms, and we’ve been less than impressed. With Mr. BPR staying home full-time now and taking over most of the household tasks and mental load, this is something we decided to cut. We don’t enjoy cleaning, but we do enjoy saving money and we can do a better job than our current service. Look at that long-term savings!

My days off are also normally when I get bored and start shopping online. Not only did I ban myself from buying clothes this month, but I also banned us from Amazon purchases. I am proud to say that we have yet to purchase something on Amazon this month – this is an amazing feat considering the nearly constant stream of boxes normally showing up at our doorstep. The UPS and FedEx drivers probably think we’re on vacation.

Onto week 3!

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