Frugal Month – Week 4 recap

What did we spend this week?

Day 22 – $8.50 (camera lens cover) + $115.73 (grocery) + $26.21 (household supplies)

Day 23 – $308.22 (prepay for Disney in fall)

Day 24 – $80.47 (utilities – gas) + $110.39 (insurance)

Day 25 – $20.66 (grocery)

Day 26 – $34.54 (alcohol) + $15.00 (babysitting)

Day 27 – $0 (wut?!)

Day 28 – $81.96 (grocery) + $27.00 (gas) = $49.85 (cell phone)

Week 4 total = $878.53

Running total = $426.58 (week 1) + $551.47 (week 2) + $803.09 (week 3) + $878.53 = $2659.67

Stupid Disney

We decided to take our kids to Disney World this fall. I loved going as a kid and our children are great ages for it, so we went ahead and started making reservations, which of course require deposits. Had it not been for that expense this would have been a much more frugal week, instead of our most expensive one. C’est la vie.

Most of the other stuff is pretty typical – monthly bills, grocery, gas, and our “household supplies” which is really just enough toilet bowl cleaner from Costco to last us a lifetime year. We did spend a bit more on groceries this week than the other weeks, mostly because we were restocking some of our most commonly used items from Costco. Our fridge was looking very minimalist at the start of the week!

Where did we save this week?

Mr. BPR broke the glass lens cover on his phone camera almost immediately after buying it (someone disregarded his brilliant wife’s advice to invest in a protective case…). Instead of taking it to the repair shop, he ordered a lens replacement on eBay and did it himself. We’ll see how long it holds up. 😉

Only a few more days left!

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