Ozzie before

Ozzie (Pawsie) gets a haircut

Ozzie, or as our youngest likes to call him, Pawsie, is our mini goldendoodle. He’s a super adorable cuddly well-behaved ball of fluff, and while he is an absolute zero shedder, the trade off is that he needs regular brushing and grooming.

We had been taking him to a professional groomer every 3 months costing around $50 each time, but in the name of frugality I figured we could investigate doing this on our own. We already had the supplies – a Wahl trimmer I use on our boys, plus combs, nail clippers, shampoo, etc. One youtube video later and I was ready to go (that’s how the pros do it, right?).

You can see his before above – poor guy could barely see, despite having a haircut only 2 months ago. What is difficult to convey in pictures is the level of matting. Despite frequent brushing and combing, it’s impossible to get them all, especially the areas where his hair is longer. His beard was an absolute mess underneath, and there were a few spots around his ears that were also bad – those areas had to be cut out with scissors. After a good brush/comb, we were ready to bring out the big guns – the clippers! Over an hour later, we had this pile of hair to prove we’d worked hard:

And after – he can see again!

I wish I could say he was cooperative, but he was squirmy and tried to run away a few times. I can’t blame him…it took over an hour from start to finish. His legs are still kind of rough because he didn’t like me doing those, but overall not too shabby. It’s not as good as the pros, but it’s a lot cheaper and I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.

Thanks for taking one for the team, Pawsie!

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