The Clothes Purge!

I have way too many clothes…the aftermath of multiple pregnancies/babies and constantly shifting body type coupled with an addiction of sorts. I have fond memories of regularly going clothes-shopping with my mom as a child, and I suspect this hardwired a dopamine-type reward system in my brain that I still constantly seek out. My mom still takes me shopping from time to time!

So what’s problem? For one, it feels wasteful. I can’t even count at this point how many times I’ve bought something only to barely (or…yikes….never) wear it. Instead, I go back to the tried and true favorites. Additionally, my closet and dresser feel overwhelming. I try to get dressed for work in the morning and end up spending way too much time staring at the jammed in hangers stressing out trying to decide what to wear. Plus, there is the sadness and frustration that comes with staring at one of those pre-kids outfits you loved that no longer fit this post-kid mom body. I want to feel good about myself, not worse!

So today, I’m making a change. I am purging my closet, and making a commitment to buy less. I have plenty of clothes to suit my current needs for quite some time. My goal is to see how long I can go buying only what I need to replace what wears out or breaks (example – my one pair of running shoes that are starting to get a hole and will need to be replaced in the next few months).

I made a video documenting my purge. Here’s to a fresh start!

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